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April 11, 2022
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Welcome to sellmetix

Next-gen ticketing with a mobile-first, optimised cloud-based booking solution for your venue.

Welcome to sellmetix

In the post Covid-19 world, the customer experience has taken on a new prominence. More than ever we yearn for live entertainment. A concert, a fantastic family day out, or an amazing sporting event. Demand for live events is at record levels and consumers pay a premium to avoid disappointment.

Pre-planning your day has become essential and almost overnight the consumer expects websites and online booking engines to deliver a similar online experience to Amazon, Uber or Disney.

Unfortunately not all businesses have the same budgets as these online giants, but with over 75% of ticket bookings now taking place online, it is essential for entertainment businesses to deliver a fantastic online experience. After all, your visitors are much more likely to encounter you online, way before they see you in the flesh.

Design needs to be “mobile first” as that is the device that we all use (over 83% of ticket sales take place from a mobile device), navigation must be simple and the call to action clear.

The secret is optimising conversion rates, making sure that everyone who intends to book, in fact does so, with the minimum of hassle and the maximum of help. Whether this means a bundled package of tickets for the family, buying complimentary retail items or adding in lunch.

CRO and upsells are the watch words of a successful booking experience, guaranteeing that you sell out, and maximising the revenue potential. Customer data capture is an essential by-product of the process, allowing you to personalise all visitor engagements and maximise repeat visits.

Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't require Amazon sized budget, working with a ticketing platform that is built for online sales, that is headless and doesn't restrict your brand designs, that is quick to deploy and a pleasure to use.

In a nutshell the world has shifted on its axis, accelerated by Covid and traditional Ticketing companies based on archaic commercial models and software built for traditional point of sale channels are making way for agile, rapid, cloud based alternatives………. welcome to Sellmetix.

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