We’re on a mission to transform ticketing

We are the answer to a ticketing industry that is broken and those responsible have been too comfortable to do anything about it.  As a result, event owners and venues have had to rely on outdated ticketing platforms and business models that doesn’t work for them.

We live in the phoneage, a mobile phone first society, where those that create exciting events should be able to reap the rewards for their efforts.  For ticketing, this means the ability to simply set up & manage events, gain access and engage your customer data.  

sellmetix helps the world’s ticket sellers do three things fantastically well.  

Firstly, we provide you the vivenu ticketing platform so that you can sell digital tickets directly to your customers from your website.

Secondly, we build you an awesome, mobile first, customer interface deep within your website that will create a fantastic customer experience and guide your customers through their online ticket purchasing process coupled with relevant upsells and membership options.

Finally, we assist you in utilizing your customer data by building a powerful communication platform that deliver personalized, impactful communications to your customers at the right time.  

This simple, engaging process encourages customers to buy additional products and services, visit more frequently and tell their family and friends.

We do this through a “pay as you use” model, which reduces costs and improves your income streams.  Most importantly, we deal with lifetime customer value, not a one off transaction.

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