Website design

Of course, the online experience for customers begins the moment they find your site, something that requires attention to detail, making sure that content is exciting and that all keywords are tracked.

In the post covid world it is essential that your website is designed for predominant mobile use (over 70% of online ticket sales take place on a mobile device) and that customer journeys are simple with clear calls to action.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

For most entertainment organizers, the most important online journey is the one that leads to a ticket sale.

The Sellmetix approach is to provide the most seamless experience possible for visitors, either conventionally through a simple link to the Sellmetix booking site, or, using our API’s and taking a headless approach, you can build your booking process as part of a Website CMS.

Whichever approach you take, our priority is to optimize and make sure visitors don’t slip through the cracks. CRO is a key method of measuring how effective your online ticketing process is. Can visitors find and complete the booking process effortlessly?


Using the tools within the vivenu ticketing platform and a range of industry leading CRM and campaign delivery tools, sellmetix becomes an integral part of your event marketing team.

We drive customer insights and help you to better understand your customers by ensuring that you always have the most insightful data with which to target them with the most relevant and time sensitive communications.

The single customer view provides you with all of the necessary information and data to make highly informed decisions and actions that will drive your marketing.  sellmetix gives you full access to marketing and sales statistics so you generate upsells and referrals from marketing campaigns that really move the needle.

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